EV battery stocks to buy as competition heats up, Bernstein says

Automakers are increasingly piling into EV battery production, but Bernstein thinks these pure-play battery stocks will continue to dominate. “Vertical integration by auto OEMs’ [original equipment manufacturer] upstream into battery production is a risk to pure play battery makers and under increased discussion given some of the investments being made by industry players,” Bernstein’s analysts, … Read more

BlackRock downgrades stocks, citing Fed over-tightening and China risk

With the Federal Reserve’s tightening cycle underway and a slowdown in China that rivals the 2020 downturn, BlackRock is shifting its perspective on the equities market. The asset manager on Monday downgraded developed market equities to a neutral rating from overweight as central banks look to combat rising inflation. BlackRock manages about $9.6 trillion in assets, … Read more

Bank balances surged during Covid even as pandemic-era stimulus ended, BofA CEO says

Bank of America’s account holders saw strong growth in their balances during Covid and have yet to spend down their pandemic-era stimulus money, CEO Brian Moynihan told CNBC. In an interview on “Squawk Box” from The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, BofA’s chairman said customers who had between $1,000 to $2,000 before the pandemic, … Read more

Here’s the next shoe to drop that will hit this market, Jefferies says

The depth of this year’s pullback has caught a lot of Wall Street strategists and analysts off guard, and it might not stop until they catch up. In a note to clients on Monday, Jefferies strategist Sean Darby highlighted the recent wave of price target cuts from Wall Street analysts. “If we are travelling at … Read more

Bulls and bears expected today’s rally, but few see it lasting

This is the daily notebook of Mike Santoli, CNBC’s senior markets commentator, with ideas about trends, stocks and market statistics. A fitting market bounce was likely — even if relatively few handicappers seem to have confidence that it’s the start of a trend change. Seven straight down weeks are rare, sentiment and some oversold conditions … Read more

Goldman says hedge funds’ favorites are seeing worst stretch ever

A group of hedge funds’ favorite stocks are having their biggest underperformance ever, leading managers to rotate out of their growth darlings and into cyclical companies, according to Goldman Sachs. The Wall Street firm analyzed the holdings of 799 hedge funds with $2.4 trillion of gross equity positions at the start of the second quarter … Read more

Morgan Stanley strategist who called sell-off sees it getting worse, recommends these stocks to weather bear

Morgan Stanley’s Mike Wilson sees further pain ahead in the market, so he recommended certain cheap stocks with upside to weather the downturn. “While we maintain our bearish outlook, it’s no longer out of consensus. However, given the risks to growth are just emerging, it’s too early to get bullish. Biggest areas of risk remain … Read more

18% of Americans plan to increase stock market investments this year

Thianchai Sitthikongsak | Moment | Getty Images The stock market’s roller-coaster ride isn’t inspiring confidence in investors. Still, a small portion do plan to take advantage of recent price dips. About 18% of Americans are willing to put more money into stock market investments this year, including retirement accounts, according to a recent survey from … Read more

Guggenheim says S&P 500 decline could double if Fed keeps hiking rates

The stock market still has much further to fall and is unlikely to find its footing again until the Federal Reserve stops tightening policy, according to Guggenheim global chief investment officer Scott Minerd. Minerd, who has previously predicted a ” summer of pain ” for the market, said on CNBC’s ” Squawk Box ” that … Read more

There are 3 signs pointing to more market selling ahead, MKM says

Don’t expect the market sell-off to let up yet, according to MKM Partners’ JC O’Hara. The S & P 500 has fallen more than 17% in 2022 and is riding a seven-week losing streak — its longest since 2001. The Dow Jones Industrial Average , meanwhile, posted its longest weekly losing streak since 1923 — … Read more